Roofing FAQs

With nearly 40 years of diverse residential and commercial experience, Stateline Roofing and Construction, LLC is your Tallahassee area roofing expert. We offer roof installation and repair for homes and businesses throughout Big Bend, Florida, south Georgia and the surrounding communities.  


Q: What types of roofs does Stateline Roofing and Construction LLC offer? 

A: We offer a number of roofing types to our residential and commercial customers including: 

  • Asphalt Shingle Roofs -By far, the most popular and well-known type of roof, asphalt shingles are prized for their durability, affordability and attractiveness. In many cases, asphalt shingles can also be repaired if they are damaged by the weather or falling limbs. Architectural, three-tab and luxury asphalt shingles are the three primary designs that our customers can choose from.  
  • Metal Roofs – Popular for many commercial applications, metal roofs on residences are increasingly seen as well. Cost-effective, durable and fire-resistant, metal roofs offer a range of styles and colors to suit any building. Designed to increase a home or business’ energy efficiency by keeping the interior cooler, a metal roof can last for 50 years or longer.  
  • Flat Roofs – A flat roof provides your business or home with a wealth of advantages that starts with affordability. The materials. labor, installation and maintenance of a flat roof tends to be less than other types of roofs. Choosing a flat roof means the space can be utilized for solar panels, air conditioning units or even a garden. The interior space is also more versatile without the sloped walls seen with pitched roofs taking up space.  
  1. What should I look for in a roofing contractor?
  2. The ideal roofing contractor offers ample experience in the roofing industry. Preferably, this experience should be in the area of the country where your home or business is located. Offering free estimates gives you, the customer, the information you need to make the best choice for you. 
  1. What sets Stateline Roofing and Construction LLC apart from the others?
  2. At Stateline Roofing and Construction LLC, we pride ourselves on being experts at roofing. We offer competitive pricing and detail-oriented workmanship that’s backed by our excellent customer service. We partner with each of our customers to deliver a product that you are 100 percent satisfied with — every time!